CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL – Aids with ADW’s Coeliacs Disease May 22, 2020 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

More feedback from a customer who finds great help in taking CLEAN Confidence Original: “I suffer from coeliacs disease and have had bowel related issues for years and these are the only tablets I’ve encountered that have actually made a difference to me, so thank you again.” What is Coeliacs Disease: Coeliac disease is a condition where your immune system attacks your own tissues when you eat gluten. It happens when the immune system starts…

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CLEAN Confidence Original vs GO NOW – There Is An Echo In Here May 3, 2020 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

When we started ConfidentU, certain goals were set. One of them was for our clients to have full Confidence in our ability to provide them with high-quality products that specifically met their needs and that helped them thrive in their sexuality. Also at launch, among our articulated guiding principles was one to promote the mindset that sexual well-being should be accessible and affordable to everyone. Our aim was for products in this category to be…

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CLEAN Confidence Comfort – Lives Up to Its Name April 24, 2020 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

A short while ago, a customer who was on the monthly subscription for CLEAN Confidence COMFORT got in touch to get a query resolved. We took the opportunity to ask them why they had subscribed to CLEAN Confidence COMFORT and the following was their response: “The benefits I get from these (capsules) is they have helped to make going to the toilet easier.  I am HIV+ and have been on medication since diagnosis in 1998…

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CLEAN Confidence GO NOW – Really Gives Birth June 13, 2019 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

CLEAN Confidence GO NOW is our solution when you are looking for a full bowel evacuation within 5 to 15 minutes. This was Really’s first time experience of the product. It looks like it  Really gives birth to new experiences with the full confidence that you are fully evacuated. Our caveat however is to not overdo. I have been contacted a few times now by customers with tunnel vision focus on extreme cleansing for sexual…

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CLEAN Confidence GO NOW – Jonathan May 16, 2019 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

Meet the Challenge I use Clean Confidence bowel support regularly and I’ve always found it really effective, but my new partner is more of a ‘challenge’ to take and I use Go Now as a way to make sure that I am always confident in the bedroom. I don’t need to use it all the time but when I know I need a little something extra, the combination works a treat!

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CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support – For The Travellers March 19, 2019 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

Of the many stresses that come with long distance travel, Bowel Irregularity, Constipation and Bloating can be common. Firstly being taken out of your normal daily routine, you may find you are not able to ‘go’ as you normally do before setting off on your journey. Once in the travelling mode, be it a car, coach, train or airplane, when you are finally ready to go it may be inconvenient. What would be great is…

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CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support – The Augustiner in Bowel Cleanliness and Hygiene November 23, 2018 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

This year for Oktoberfest my ex Robert who is originally from Munich, hired a table on Gay Day in the Fischer Vroni Tent for his friends and invited me to come along (we gays are good that way, with ex’s becoming close friends). He did have ulterior motives however. He was beside himself with glee at the thought of seeing me in his spare Lederhosen. I was happy to play along, as there was no…

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CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support – Sexual Well-Being At One with Holistic Well-Being April 29, 2018 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

At the heart of ConfidentU is the core value that sexual well-being is integral to holistic well-being, we believe that they are indeed one and the same. Thus the ingredients that we choose and their efficacy is focused primarily on being all natural and organic, so that they are beneficial to the well-being of the individual beyond just creating a conducive environment for optimum sexual expression and enjoyment. Thus it comes as no surprise that… Continue reading

CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support – Minimalist Wipers March 6, 2018 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

Bottom Line: Less Wiping Here J. Hillman - "I researched the best product for me quite extensively before choosing CLEAN Confidence. I can honestly say I've been so impressed by the results. Without being graphical I used to find that after a bowel movement I had to wipe a lot; I researched the cause and quickly concluded a lack of fibre might be the cause. Less than a week after using this product and my… Continue reading

CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support – Scoundy February 15, 2018 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

So far so good. An internet article led me to search for a product like this and I thought I'd give these a go. Let's just say that my output goes from one extreme to another, so anything to make me more regular would be a bonus. I've seen some really positive results in just a week. I began as suggested and started on 1x tablet a day, and have now moved on to 2x… Continue reading