ConfidentU Founder & Customer – Living Our Best Lives January 30, 2020 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

My love of this customer review is two-fold. Firstly I am a people person, so hearing that a customer is happy at the end of a challenging sales and delivery process makes me feel really good about what our ConfidentU team do here. More importantly however I am particularly tickled to hear a customer playback to me the very foundation of our brand in his own words. At the heart of ConfidentU is the belief…

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CLEAN Confidence COMFORT – How Come? January 28, 2020 – Posted in: Brand and Product Updates

  Here at ConfidentU, we are always quick to point out that that all of our products have been created because of a real need to solve a real problem. CLEAN Confidence COMFORT, the latest product to join our Bowel Regularity Support range was created with a variety of problems in mind, as you will outline below: When we launched CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support (The Original) in August of 2017 on Amazon, our primary…

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