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CLEAN Confidence Comfort - Lives Up to Its Name

A short while ago, a customer who was on the monthly subscription for CLEAN Confidence COMFORT got in touch to get a query resolved. We took the opportunity to ask them why they had subscribed to CLEAN Confidence COMFORT and the following was their response:

“The benefits I get from these (capsules) is they have helped to make going to the toilet easier.  I am HIV+ and have been on medication since diagnosis in 1998 which has been very good at controlling the virus, but I am one of the very few people on these meds that suffers from constipation and very sticky poo and when the originals (CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL) came out I used them. Whilst they helped I found them a little painful on the guts, so I changed to the comfort ones and have been very happy with the change and they live up to their comfort name. “

CLEAN Confidence Comfort - Lives Up to Its Name

When it comes to naming products, we focus squarely on functionality; it should do what it says on the tin. We are thus tickled that this is the very experience of our customer. A product that has been named perfectly and a super bonus because Comfort is the middle name of the brand’s much loved deceased mother. (You can see the dedication to her on the pot actually if you look closely).

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