A Valentine Other Truth – Always on Your Side I February 14, 2019 – Posted in: Sexual Well-Being

  We find ourselves at Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love. In the stead of cut out clichés, we at ConfidentU decided speak Truth to Power, to speak truth to find power. The truth is that true love is not a bed of roses. It is hard, it is arduous, most of the time we do not know what we are doing and more often than we would like it ends in ways we do…

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Magic and The Four Buckets January 7, 2019 – Posted in: Sexual Well-Being

When it comes to assessing individuals and their worthiness in your life, always try to achieve a level of complete intimacy. To help you I have developed a very simple but effective tool: Firstly Know your own magic & worth Make a fair assessment, then put the individual in question into one of the following buckets: Bucket 1 Those who do not see your magic, do not see your magic. There were never meant to anyway…

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Sex Without the Thin Veil of Hostility January 1, 2019 – Posted in: Sexual Well-Being

In a discussion about navigating the challenges of finding sexual satisfaction through the popular hook-up mobile apps, a friend poignantly asked whether I thought it was possible to have no-strings-attached casual sex, which does not come a thin veil of hostility? They believed that the person involved always ends up feeling angry towards the individual. Even though they may have started the hunt for sex with a particular type of guy, with certain activities in…

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God’s Own Country October 21, 2017 – Posted in: Sexual Well-Being

A short review of the film God's Own Country, that shows the maturity of gay cinema and its new direction to have relevance to all audiences of good cinema. My friend Anthony treated me to a movie a couple of weeks ago, ‘God’s Own Country’. I will keep this short and sweet, I thoroughly recommend this film. Gay cinema has matured, something which has been a long time coming. When we finally got past the… Continue reading