ConfidentU was established in 2017 as The Authority in Holistic Sexual Well-Being.

We believe first and foremost that Sexual Well-Being is integral to Holistic Well-Being. We believe that confident unhindered sexual expression, pleasure and satisfaction is fundamental to our overall well-being. We believe that sex is one of the most powerful ways to reveal our true selves and one of the most intimate ways to connect to another human being.

Our focus is not on trendy attention-grabbing gimmicks, but the practical, useful solutions with organic & homeopathic ingredients and components that create a reliable conducive environment for the harmonious expression of Holistic and Sexual Well-Being.

Whether it’s an individual purchase, or membership to our box subscription, or Quick Delivery Service, we have what you really need, when you need it.

Always Practical

When it comes to sex, there is a whole load of wild & wonderful things to get you very excited. Our primary focus is on the practical nitty gritty stuff that create the conducive environment for incredible mind-blowing sex to happen in a healthy holistic way.

Totally Convenient

Whether its an individual purchase from our online store, processed same day for fast delivery, membership to our box subscription or use of our Quick Delivery Service, we have what you really need, exactly when you need it, for one, two or more.

Our Story

The seeds for ConfidentU were sowed over many years ago from intimate pillow talk and engaging social anecdotes on the challenges of getting prepared for gay sex, the constant worry about being ‘clean’ and the mortification that may kill a horny mood when ‘accidents’ happen. Many have come up with their own tried and tested fail-proof home-made remedies. It got us thinking about bringing together all the practical solutions and collective wisdom that can help one feel confident and relaxed to fully enjoy the sexual experience uninterrupted.

‘A Problem Shared is a Problem Solved’. Everything we do continues to be driven by what our community really needs and look forward to hearing from you:

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