Daffodils – A Poem In Isolation April 28, 2020 – Posted in: Holistic Well-Being

Besides the sound of the distant bass,It’s quiet.And still. For the last two days little children have been running around the grass.Picking Daffodils.The Daffodils are all gone now, but they will grow back again.And maybe the children will return to play. I watched a man pray on his balcony.And a young women shouted over to me to tell me it was her birthday.The skyline is clear and clean, like the pollution has lifted.Maybe the world…

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CLEAN Confidence Comfort – Lives Up to Its Name April 24, 2020 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials

A short while ago, a customer who was on the monthly subscription for CLEAN Confidence COMFORT got in touch to get a query resolved. We took the opportunity to ask them why they had subscribed to CLEAN Confidence COMFORT and the following was their response: “The benefits I get from these (capsules) is they have helped to make going to the toilet easier.  I am HIV+ and have been on medication since diagnosis in 1998…

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COVID-19 – Our Official Position April 7, 2020 – Posted in: Brand and Product Updates

So in the face of this pandemic that is changing everything we once knew, our thoughts are on the following three points: Let’s pay heed to our best ability the advice we have now all heard time and again from the experts. It will curb the spread of the disease and mitigate our health systems from being overwhelmed. Everyone is panicked and scared right now. Let us take a breath and remind ourselves that death…

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