COVID-19 – Our Official Position April 7, 2020 – Posted in: Brand and Product Updates

So in the face of this pandemic that is changing everything we once knew, our thoughts are on the following three points:

  1. Let’s pay heed to our best ability the advice we have now all heard time and again from the experts. It will curb the spread of the disease and mitigate our health systems from being overwhelmed.
  2. Everyone is panicked and scared right now. Let us take a breath and remind ourselves that death is actually an integral part of life that will come to us one and all. It is nothing to be afraid of.
  3. Let’s not forget that epidemics and pandemics have been part and parcel of human existence from time in memorial. We have been blessed that for at least a couple of generations we did not have to face it but before this there was Spanish Flu, Yellow Fever, Small Pox, Black Plague… and the list goes on. Humanity has always managed to get through one way or another to thrive again. The cost may be high but we shall also make it through this as countless generations before us have.
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