A Problem Shared Is a Problem Solved September 29, 2017 – Posted in: Brand and Product Updates

A problem shared is a problem solved - How we ended up with the brand name ConfidentU When I initially came up with the idea of setting up a brand focused on practical accessories for great sex, the name I immediately gravitated to was 'Dominionn'. This was a word I had come up with quite a while ago to represent a BDSM brand that was defined by high design. It was a name I loved,… Continue reading

What Are We On About September 26, 2017 – Posted in: Brand and Product Updates

What are we on about? CONFIDENTU was established in 2017, as the authority on practical accessories for great sex. It is a brand focused on giving you the confidence to express and enjoy your sexuality, with all you need at hand, exactly when you need it. We believe that unhindered sexual expression, pleasure and satisfaction are fundamental to our overall well-being. We believe that sex is one of the most powerful ways to reveal our… Continue reading

Hashtag Heart Your Bottom September 22, 2017 – Posted in: Brand and Product Updates

#yourbottom is the hashtag we have created for social media to engage with our audience about our first range of products, starting with our CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support. This daily supplement not only focuses on ensuring bowel cleanliness but has key elements to promote overall intestinal well-being. This is very much at the heart of our philosophy, where sexual well-being is inextricable entwined with overall well-being. The pun also pushes our ideal of promoting kindness… Continue reading

Finding Confidence September 6, 2017 – Posted in: Brand and Product Updates

Finding Confidence - The Man Behind The Idea In September 2014 I was diagnosed with an acute auto-immune disease called Idiopathic Polymyositis. In basic terms, my immune system thought my whole muscular system was a foreign body and so aggressively wanted to get rid of it. Everything that was a muscle in my body was under attack. All of the major muscle groups. My lungs are muscles, my heart is a muscle and they were… Continue reading