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Relationship Well-Being

How to embrace positive influences into intimate relationships to make them thrive.

Pride 2019 – Let’s Celebrate Our Chosen Families

Billie Porter, Sista, Thank You for Saying. It is Pride season. It is a celebration of the journey to Acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. A celebration of Self-Acceptance, of Social Acceptance, of Political Acceptance. It is a time to celebrate of where we have come from, a time to celebrate of how far we have […]

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Unhealthy Love – Learn the Signs

  Integral to your Sexual Well-being is the health of your intimate relationships. Sometimes the sex feels like it is thriving but everything else about the relationship feels wrong. Sometimes the sex does not thrive specifically because the rest of the relationship is wrong. In a talk about understanding and practicing the art of healthy […]

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Communicate – It’s The Only Way

I was walking home with my friend Gillian, with him sharing the latest on his not so recently ended relationship. H told me they were in this strange phase where Matthew would reach out to him and he would ignore him, only to be followed by him reaching out to Matthew who would them retaliate […]

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