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This is the story of how CLEAN Confidence MINT, Bowel Odour Neutralising Support came about.

In late November 2018, I had a Medical Practitioner friend visit from the US and it was actually through him that this new product extension was born, a solution that was a targeted specific Stool Odour Neutralising Supplement.

When we first launched CLEAN Confidence, I had friends and acquaintances who were not interested in the product at all and would not even accept the free sample pots I was offering because they felt they had absolutely no issues when it came to Bowel Regularity, Cleanliness and Hygiene, even for sex.

However EVERYONE has an interest in Odour Neutralisation.

My friend informed me that in his field, they used Chlorophyll tablets (the green from plants) to treat severe and chronic bath breath. He also said one of the great side effects which is ignored is the fact that it also results in neutralising stool odour.

This thus offers us a great opportunity to start selling a product where the stool odour neutralising effect is marketed as the primary purpose of the product with bad breath neutralising as secondary – literally just flip it around.

We did a bit of research thus worked out a new product, finding the right blend of ingredients which would augment and make the product most effective. Within a short space of time.

I also began to ponder on the name. I first thought ‘Sunshine’ was rather good. Then my mind jumped to ‘Meadow’ – I was looking for a word that clearly denoted freshness and clean smells. It did not take long for my mind to eventually pick up the word ‘Mint’ which was a key ingredient in this product. There was nothing that spoke clearly to the idea of freshness than ‘MINT’. We were set!

That was then followed by the most poignant experience. A man that I loved passed away. At his funeral I was asked if I would ever dedicate any of my work to him. My response was that if the right concept came along, I would surely do so.

His favourite word for anything good was ‘Mint’. It was immediately clear. This product would be dedicated to him for he was Mint.

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