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CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support - The Augustiner in Bowel Cleanliness and HygieneThis year for Oktoberfest my ex Robert who is originally from Munich, hired a table on Gay Day in the Fischer Vroni Tent for his friends and invited me to come along (we gays are good that way, with ex’s becoming close friends). He did have ulterior motives however. He was beside himself with glee at the thought of seeing me in his spare Lederhosen. I was happy to play along, as there was no other conceivable reasonable reason where I would find myself in an authentic Bayern traditional costume. So, for a day, in garb and spirit, I was the epitome of a true Bavarian Alpine farmer, the black edition.

It was a truly rambunctious Ra-Ra-Ra experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. And suddenly it dawned on me that I now had very reasonable reason to get my own pair of Lederhosen, and I found myself proudly wearing them henceforth: Oktoberfest!

Being a beer festival, it was a three-day trip with lots of beer and lots of conversations about beer. It steadily dawned on me that with every single Munich native I engaged with, the banter invariably rose to an apex where I was informed in no uncertain terms that Augustiner is arguably one of the best beers to ever pass down any throat, dead or alive, and that since its establishment in the Year of Our Lord 1328, the brewery had NEVER spent a single cent on advertising.

This anecdote was repeated to me over and over and over again almost word for word. And each time I heard it again, I wryly chimed in quietly in my mind, “Yeah, Augustiner does not need to spend a single cent on advertising because they have all of y’all Munichens proudly doing all the advertising for them!”

As founder and director of this brand established in the Year of Our Lord 2017, I thought, what a great coup to be able to engineer the same for CLEAN Confidence.  The idea was to glean wisdom pearls from their strategy. One thing that was immediately obvious, it all started with a great product that effectively met the specific needs and expectations of its consumers, at a price they were willing to pay. Those individuals not only became loyal repeat customers but were also happy to tell anyone who would listen that this brand was great.

CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support - The Augustiner in Bowel Cleanliness and HygieneSo this is the path we look to take, keep our head down, side-step glitz, glitter, bells and whistles and focus on having an ever growing clearer understanding of the needs of our customers, so they keep coming back and they keep telling their friends about us forever.

It is thus heartening when we see customer reviews like those of Bilbob and Miller coming through back-to-back.


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