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CLEAN Confidence Original vs GO NOW - There An Echo In Here

When we started ConfidentU, certain goals were set. One of them was for our clients to have full Confidence in our ability to provide them with high-quality products that specifically met their needs and that helped them thrive in their sexuality.

Also at launch, among our articulated guiding principles was one to promote the mindset that sexual well-being should be accessible and affordable to everyone. Our aim was for products in this category to be seen in the same vein as other daily commodities such as bread, milk and eggs, sourced from a brand/retailer in whom there was full Confidence for organic, high-quality, reasonably priced goods.

Thus it is heartening to have what we consciously try to infuse into everything we do, echoed clearly back to us in the concise words of two different customers, hailing from differing demographics, who bought different products, for different reasons.

CLEAN Confidence Original vs GO NOW - There Is An Echo In Here

One was a Gay Man interested in Bowel Cleansing and Hygiene for Sexual Purposes. The other was a Straight Woman looking for assistance with Period Bloating. Both however came to the same place, confident that their needs would be met by ConfidentU. Both indeed felt good about their purchase experience and came back to tell us what they thought.

CLEAN Confidence Original vs GO NOW - There Is An Echo In Here

These two comments were received nearly at the same time. They are basically stating the same thing, that we at ConfidentU understand our customers, offering them the high-quality products they are looking for at fair good-value-for-money prices. Love it. Thank you for saying so.

BTW: We also loving the general bonanza of customer reviews we receiving in this period of Lockdown. I guess one of the things that people have more time for now is giving feedback on their purchases. We appreciate it. Thank you.

NB: CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Bowel Regularity Support is a Daily High-Fibre Capsule Supplement that ensures your bowel evacuations are regular, whole and complete. It starts to work 8 to 24 hours after it has been administered.

CLEAN Confidence GO NOW is an Occasional Bowel Cleansing Micro-Enema Solution that stimulates a full bowel evacuation within 5 to 15 minutes after it has been administered.

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