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CLEAN Confidence IMMUNO PROBIOTIC is the daily supplement that has been specifically formulated for the Post AIDS-PREP era, for those actively engaging in anal sex without condoms. 1. Our formula looks to boost the body’s immunity so as to better support management of infections. 2. Our formula looks to boost the body’s response to inflammation that may result from heavy rectal activity 3. Our formula supports the maintenance of a healthy mucous membrane throughout the intestinal tract and specifically in the lower rectal area which may be subject to frequent and intense douching that may strip away the healthy lining.

A few months ago, we had an exploratory meeting with Daniel O’Shaugnessy, the Naked Nutritionist regarding opportunities for partnership in the scope of Holistic Well-being as it intersects with Sexual Well-being. He has a book coming out which we expect will be great reading.

In our discussion, we explored the fact that in the now Post-AIDS era when a lot of gay men are having sex without condoms because they are on PREP, they are protected against the HIV virus however are still exposing themselves to common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

One of things to consider under such circumstances is boosting your overall immune system. We at ConfidentU saw this as an opportunity to bring a new dimension to our sexual well-being offering with a Daily Probiotic that specifically focuses on the challenges that may result from anal sexual activity without condoms. Thus this formula focuses on 1. Boosting your immune system, 2. Boosting your body’s response to inflammation that may result from anal sexual activity, 3. Helping maintain the good bacteria in your gut and lower rectum that may be compromised from regular and intense douching.

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