CLEAN Confidence GO TEA – How Come? May 15, 2020 – Posted in: Brand and Product Updates – Tags: ,

Sometimes you would rather have a nice relaxing tea to get things moving gently.

CLEAN Confidence GO Tea is an organic herbal based remedy for occasional bowel evacuation and colon cleansing. The ingredients of Green Tea, Cassia Seed and Mulberry contribute to intestinal transit and intestinal function whilst the Hemp and Lily ingredients soothe and contribute to healthy digestion.

Put a teabag into a cup and pour in hot water. Leave to brew for for 3-5 minutes. If you so wish, add your sweetener of choice e.g. honey or lemon then drink. You should feel a need for bowel evacuation 2-6 hours thereafter. Use up to two teabags if necessary for efficacy. Repeat the serving process maximum twice a day.



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