CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support – Scoundy February 15, 2018 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials – Tags: , , , ,

So far so good. An internet article led me to search for a product like this and I thought I’d give these a go. Let’s just say that my output goes from one extreme to another, so anything to make me more regular would be a bonus.

I’ve seen some really positive results in just a week. I began as suggested and started on 1x tablet a day, and have now moved on to 2x a day. After about a day, I could feel something working. My stomach felt different – not good, not bad, just different. I’ve become very noticeably less bloated and feel a lot less sluggish. The ‘output’ has gradually improved.

I guess like most people who are reading this, I brought the product because I wanted them to give me more confidence when doing ‘you-know-what’. Time will tell, and I’ll be sure to add to this review – it’s looking really promising. But for now, the changes in my stomach/bowels alone in just a short space of time, with zero negative side effects, are enough to make me want to keep taking these.

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