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How to kill the pain and not the sensation

From many hopeful bottoms, the idea of being fucked into oblivion is an enticing yet painful prospect. As many complain about the pain that can be associated with being sexually penetrated anally.

Ideas that some shared as we developed ConfidentU’s products were to create a cream or lotion of some kind, that could be applied to dull the physical discomfort. There are currently products out on the market which do just this and which are quite popular. However, my thoughts on the matter are that if you were to use a product that numbs the sensitivity in your anus and rectum, you also numb all the possibilities of pleasure sensations.

To find the optimum solution to this, I felt I needed to look at the problem differently, by taking a step back from the problem followed by a step ahead of the problem. I wondered why there was pain and discomfort in the first place. The anus and rectum anatomically can stretch to accommodate a penetrating penis with no issue. The pain comes from contraction in the rectum, which in turn causes increased friction for the entering penis which then causes pain.

The next question is why does the contraction happen? Because the individual being penetrated is not fully relaxed. Why are they not fully relaxed? Because they are not confident, anxious. What is the source of this anxiety that stops them from relaxing? Because they fear that if they fully relaxed they will have a bowel movement.

How do you bring them to a place where they are fully relaxed? By ensuring they are confident that their bowels are empty and there is zero risk of anything coming down to create a mess and spoil the mood.

Once they relax, everything relaxes downstairs and penetration can take place with minimal friction. The focus can then be on the pleasure sensations.

Our CLEAN Confidence Bowel Cleansing Range specifically focuses on this. We don’t believe that the solution is in numbing things down there. The solution is in making the bottom feel confident that they are completely empty so that they can relax, fully take their man in and enjoy the experience.

CC Bowel Cleansng Range Set - Sep14-17If there is pain and discomfort after this, our range offers after care solutions such as our balm that helps to calm discomfort, with high concentrations of herbal and homeopathic ingredients.

Numbing the pain is numbing the sensation and we don’t believe this is the answer. We think the solution lies in being confident and relaxed, this is key and any discomfort that comes later we can take care of it.

How to Kill The Pain and Not The Sensation
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How to Kill The Pain and Not The Sensation
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