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God's Own CountryA short review of the film God’s Own Country, that shows the maturity of gay cinema and its new direction to have relevance to all audiences of good cinema.

My friend Anthony treated me to a movie a couple of weeks ago, ‘God’s Own Country’.

I will keep this short and sweet, I thoroughly recommend this film. Gay cinema has matured, something which has been a long time coming. When we finally got past the novelty of seeing gay sex on the big screen, weak story lines set in some ideal metropolis and wooden acting from good-looking stereotypes.

This film, ‘God’s Own Country” has changed all that. Here is a story whose central theme is not around coming out, it is a given, accepted as a fact. Here is a story set out in the country, where gayness also does exist. Here is a story that is not fixated on the sex, of who is top and who is bottom, but on intimacy. Here is a story which focuses on the fact that we all need love, intimacy and sex in order to achieve overall well-being. Here is a story with talented actors who do not fit a narrow stereotype of beauty and can actually deliver a worthy performance. Here is a film that is nuanced and sophisticated and worthy to be watched by any demographic in society, who is turned on by relationship stories.

I loved it and encourage everyone to go and see it.

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