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What’s in the name: ConfidentU?

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As a new brand with a very specific purpose, to be the authority in practical accessories for great sex, we have a strong and clear mission, to give you our customer the confidence to express and enjoy your sexuality, with all you need at hand when you need it.

We feel our brand name ConfidentU and our logo are a clear expression of our mission and thought it a nice idea to share with you the key points about the brand and its concept which are signified by the logo. These aspects are crucial to who we are today and what we may evolve into well into the future.

  • The three words that define the brand are: confident, elevated and convenient.
  • Our products make you confident about your sexuality and the sexual acts you are engaged in.
  • You have confidence in our products and our ability to deliver them to you conveniently through our online shop, box subscription, 1-hour delivery & Click & Collect services.
  • Our brand concept is about elevating sex, from being perceived as a dirty/sleazy thing to being perceived as healthy and integral to one’s well-being.
  • Our brand concept is to be very design oriented to elevate the perception of sex products and stand out from the competition. 
  • The word core to the brand concept is ‘confident’.
  • The word ‘confident’ as a domain name is not available. 
  • Synonyms of the word confident are inappropriate and don’t carry the specific meaning we want to convey.
  • Permutations of the word ‘confident’ proved to be ineffective.
  • After a long creative process, the words ‘confident’ and ‘you’ were put together to form a compound word ‘CONFIDENTU’
  • The new compound word works as a unit, whilst maintaining the integrity of the original words and staying legible.
  • The original meaning of the words are in no way compromised. There is an augmented meaning of the now unified single word.
  • The two words compounded become a single unit to create a brand name, specifically unified by the dots, the one over the I and Umlaut over the U.
  • The font chosen is Century Gothic, with all letters capitalised.
  • There are several specific narratives communicated by the visual representation of the brand name.
  • Narrative 1: If the dots on the I and the U can be seen to symbolise stick figures, then one can say that our range of products can be confidently used in all aspects of intimacy, whether by yourself (i) or in unison with another person (U Umlaut).
  • Narrative 2: The stick figures can also represent our range of products that are categorised as; before, during and after sex. The journey of reading the brand name from left to right represents the journey of an individual preparing for sexual activity using our products (i), transitioning seamlessly to using our products in intimacy with another (U Umlaut), whilst always having confidence in the effectiveness of our range.
  • Narrative 3: The Century Gothic font and the Umlaut over the U create a ‘Scandinavian’ feel to the brand logo. It speaks to the Western cultural perception of Scandinavian design aesthetic being clean, minimalist, elevated and functional. This speaks to the brands aesthetic to elevate design of sexual products, from being crude to being high-end design with no gimmicks, instead focusing on the practical things people need.
  • Narrative 4: The ‘Scandinavian feel’ of the brand name, in its naturalness, lightness and brightness communicates the brands leading philosophy to elevate sexuality, that sexual expression should not be viewed as a moral issue, dark and seedy, but something natural to be brought out into the open and celebrated healthily as part of well-being.
  • Narrative 5: The ‘Scandinavian feel’ of the brand name also evokes feelings of being natural, in-harmony with nature and healthy. Herbal and organic ingredients are key to the brand and will be highlighted and promoted in all marketing.
  • Narrative 6: The ‘Scandinavian feel’ creates a certain level of neutrality in design which allows the brand to speak to all types of gay men. Our products are the common denominator, the Starting point for everyone, no matter what activities you engage in. A bottom with our laxative is a bottom , whether he is a 19-year-old twink, 28-year-old circuit queen, 34-year-old in a closed relationship, or 45-year-old hard-core fisting bottom in an open relationship. The product in their hand says ‘CONFIDENTU’ = ‘Confident You’ = ‘Confident Me’ = ‘This Product Makes Me Confident’.
  • This narrative is relevant to all our products- CONFIDENTU products make you confident.
  • Narrative 7: The U Umlaut can be visually interpreted as a smiling face. This creates a narrative that a ‘CONFIDENTU’ = ‘Confident U’ = ‘Happy U’. This product makes me not only confident but happy.
  • The smile being open and bright 😊 and not cheeky in nature 😈 speaks to the brands philosophy that sexual satisfaction is ultimately about overall well-being.
  • CONFIDENTU is clearly legible and easy to remember. There are only two options when trying to find the brand. ‘Confident U’ and ‘Confident You’. We are purchasing both domains to reroute to the original ‘confidentu’.
  • The brand name ‘CONFIDENTU’ being neutral and non-sexual allows for brand extension into other health supplements. The philosophy of the brand being, overall well-being feeds sexual well-being.
  • CONFIDENTU specifically targets its marketing to a gay audience. However the stick figures and the neutrality of the name makes it non-gender and sexual orientation specific, which allows for expansion.
What's In The Name ConfidentU
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