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Gender Multiplicity - Felippe Souza

In intimate conversation with my lovers, I have always contended that those that I am sexually attracted to are a completely separate and unique gender existing outside the widely accepted binary concept of gender. They are men who are wholly masculine however they are hard-wired to be wholly sexually receptive in a similar way to heterosexual women. My believe is that is but one of the multitude of variations perfectly natural in nature. My lovers concurred and I held on to the opinion that one day in the future, human societal knowledge would eventually catch up with this natural truth that has always been.

It is thus deeply heartening when I came across the article Nature and Sex Redefined – We have Never been Binary by Venessa Heggie. It is highly recommended reading for anyone who does not adhere to the Binary Gender normative concept.

And if you have to be in London, we recommend you checking out the Kiss My Genders Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank, running from June 12th to September 6th, 2019.

Kiss My Genders Exhibition

Once we are able to appreciate our differences, we can accept them, and celebrate them in a space out in the open of humanity where everyone is welcome.

Image credit: Felippe Souza

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