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Billie Porter, Sista, Thank You for Saying.

It is Pride season. It is a celebration of the journey to Acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. A celebration of Self-Acceptance, of Social Acceptance, of Political Acceptance. It is a time to celebrate of where we have come from, a time to celebrate of how far we have come, a time to celebrate of how far we intend to go.

This pride however let us make space to celebrate and give thanks for the Abundant Unconditional Acceptance for which we do not have to journey to receive, Acceptance from our Chosen Families. Rightly so, we call them our ‘Sistas’, ‘Bros’, ‘Mammas’ and ‘Daddies’ for they love us unconditionally and abundantly in ways that form the bedrock on which our ability to journey on and thrive clings as LGBTQ+ people.

These Individuals, some of the same blood, some not, fix their gaze upon us and proclaim this a cosmic truth in continuum, “I SEE YOU AS YOU ARE, WHERE YOU ARE. I COME TO YOU AND HERE I LOVE YOU, AS YOU ARE. BY ME, YOU HAVE A PLACE TO FALL, A PLACE TO STAND, A PLACE CALLED HOME”.

This Pride, let us find these people, and in a quiet moment, tell them, “My Sista, Mamma, Brother, Daddy, Thank you”

Visuals Credits: Billie Porter on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert talking about the TV Series Pose.

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