Which Products To Choose – Part I

Which Products To Choose – A Consultation with Tom

The following is from a recent conversation with a customer regarding his sexual well-being. The challenges he was facing is not uncommon and so we thought to share excerpts that might be of assistance to others.

Which Products To Choose

Which Products To Choose

Which Products To Choose

At this point I suggested we indeed move the conversation from email to a voice call to ensure that all his questions were answered. During the call, I made the following clarifications:

  • With CLEAN Confidence GO NOW you can be completely worry free. You can eat anytime you want before sex. You however require about 20 minutes in total of preparation time before sex. Simply administer one micro-enema of GO NOW and within 5 to 15 minutes you will have a complete bowel evacuation. A quick rinse thereafter and you are ready.
  • CLEAN Confidence GO NOW is enough for sex care-free of ‘mess’.
  • CLEAN Confidence GO NOW does not have any adverse health reactions, except for individuals who are allergic to the primary ingredient Glycerine.
  • CLEAN Confidence GO AFTER is a solution to flush out the bowels after sex, particularly after sex without condoms and to aid with healing of any inflammation that may have been caused.
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