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CLEAN Confidence Tap Adapters – Douche Anywhere

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. Whenever I found myself in a light but candid banter with my bottom sexual partners, they were adamant about getting across the point that tops had no clue about the considerable effort needed to get clean and ready for a good time.

When ConfidentU was just an enthusiastic idea about practical accessories for sex, one of my lovers Michael told me that if I could invent something, a shower hose of some kind to allow bottom guys to douche anywhere would be great.

I was intrigued and asked him to explain further. He said that as a bottom, he always travelled with a douche wand, which he could affix on to a standard shower hose in order to have a douche. However, there are many instances where a bathroom’s shower system is not conducive for this. In hotels or ultra modern bathrooms/shower rooms, there might not be a shower hose at all and so it was impossible to douche. This caused great anxiety. He thought it would be brilliant if I could find a way to have a shower hose which could be affixed onto any faucet to create a douche.

I took what he said on-board and started to think about the idea, sharing my thoughts with other bottom guys I knew. I quickly found that this was a real issue with many men who were receptive in anal sex. My ex told me indeed before he checked into a hotel, he specifically looked at pictures of the bathroom shower fixtures to see if he would be able to douche. If the fixtures were not conducive to his douching needs he would not check into that hotel.

A young bottom friend told me of an instance where he was at a hotel, desperate for the shower fixture to work for his douching requirements, so he went out to a DIY store near by to get a wrench to do the job! He too said thereafter he would check pictures of the shower fixtures of a hotels bathroom before he checked in.

With this in mind we began work on a simple concept, where a shower hose could be affixed to any bathroom faucet similar to a garden hose, with an enema wand at the other end to allow douching to take place.

After much back and forth time, with ideas constantly evolving and changing, we came up with the simple concept of the tap adapters, which can be affixed onto virtually any faucet. The other end is affixed to a regular shower hose to allow that faucet to become an effective enema shower hose douche.

With this product a bottom has an enema shower kit which they can operate virtually anywhere, so they never again have to check pictures of the hotel bathroom to see if indeed they can douche.

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