CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support – Allan December 3, 2017 – Posted in: Customer Testimonials – Tags: , , , ,

CLEAN Confidence Bowel regularity Support - Allan

I’m a bottom guy, and I can never really relax 100% and truly enjoy being topped, as I’m always anticipating an ‘accident’, even when I’ve douched before the deed.

But, I have discovered CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support by ConfidentU. At first, I thought the product was too good to be true and I was very sceptical, but, CLEAN is amazing!! I can’t begin to tell you how well it works.

Within a few days of taking the supplement the results were very noticeable. A more solid and compact #2, with no need to wipe more than once, as there is very little to wipe after your movement anyway. Brilliant!

I can now relax totally whilst being topped and feel amazingly confident as I am clean and poop free. Therefore resulting in a better time had by both me and my partner.

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