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CLEAN Confidence GO BALM - A Dom Top Makes Amends

So you know how we say in our about us page that all of our products rise from a real need to solve a real problem. CLEAN Confidence GO BALM is no exception to this rule. To that effect, the narrative about the inception of this particular product goes as follows:

I am a total top, very much attracted to total bottoms. I have what I describe as a ‘Passion for Penetration’. When the chemistry is right, long intense sessions of intimacy are very much the preferred option. After having my way with the willing and sexually receptive, I seem to leave a wake of wreckage in the form of thoroughly satisfied but bruised and inflamed anal passages which are in need of a concerted effort of soothing and tender loving care. These two examples are the sort of WhatsApp post-game analysis that often takes place.

CLEAN Confidence GO BALM - A Dom Top Makes AmendsNow, if I am brave enough to be perfectly honest, I cannot deny that my ego is stroked a bit by these kinds of exchanges. That however belies a chiming pang of guilt. I really like these guys and I really appreciated and enjoyed my time with them, on them, in them. The thought of them being in rather delicate state days after our encounter, with trips to the loo to do a number 2 being an uncomfortable prospect until there is full healing, was obviously going to occupy space in my mind. There was also the fact that the longer they were out of action healing, the less likely chance there was of a re-match, sooner rather than later. For a period, they are bum up, head down, delicate, inactive and uncomfortable, which makes me uncomfortable.

I found myself in this circumstance often enough, so it really got me thinking about a solution with a holistic purpose. Something that the sexually receptive could use after particularly exacting encounters that left their anal passages inflamed. Something that would facilitate the necessary bodily function of waste expulsion during this period with minimal discomfort. Something that would promote and support the healing process which happens over several days after the event. Something that would have them ready for sexual activity again sooner with sexual organs in a state of full holistic well-being. This was our brief and our requirements.

CLEAN Confidence GO BALM - A Dom Top Makes AmendsAfter much research and tinkering, eventually CLEAN Confidence GO BALM came into being. A product with four micro-enemas that someone with anal inflammation can use. It is a homeopathic treatment taken over four days, with one micro-enema being used per day. Once it is administered, it will stimulate a bowel evacuation that is whole and complete, causing minimal discomfort, whilst its organic ingredients are absorbed into the rectal lining to promote and support healing.

The stimulation of the full bowel evacuation also means there are fewer trips to the loo to do a number 2 during the day. This reduced traffic through the rectum and anal canal minimises the instances of irritation and discomfort within the inflamed area, that may come through numerous bowel evacuations. Furthermore, the resulting calming period allows the body’s own healing process to happen more quickly with minimal interruption.

Before you know it, you are healed and ready to go at it and sending me messages on WhatsApp. You are happy,  am happy. Thank you CLEAN Confidence GO BALM!


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