CLEAN Confidence GO BALM Occasional Bowel Cleansing and Rectal Healing with Eucalyptus and Honeybee Propolis – 9ml Micro-Enema 4-Pack

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The occasional use rectal solution that will cleanse your bowels wholly and completely of all content within 5 to 15 minutes of application whilst promoting lower intestinal well-being.

This is the perfect last minute solution guaranteed to empty your bowels and promote lower rectal healing.

Promotes Hygiene and Confidence of Cleanliness when it matters most and is an effective post activity after-care.

HONEYBEE PROPOLIS, EUCALYPTUS & ELECAMPANE stimulate healing of inflammation and wounds/fissures in the rectum and supports overall intestinal health and well-being.

Product comes in a value pack of 4 micro-enemas of 9ml each.

CLEAN Confidence GO BALM is an excellent Occasional Bowel Cleansing Suppository that offers the ease and convenience to evacuate and cleanse one’s bowels in less than 15 minutes with ingredients whose strong properties promote healing in the lower rectal region. It can be part of the cleansing and healing process after intimacy. It also promotes general health and well-being, offering relief from bloating, constipation and haemorrhoids.

GO. CLEANSE & HEAL – Bowel Cleanliness & Rectal Healing

Do you sometimes feel a need for a solution after particularly intense intimate encounters with strenuous activity (Heavy Play), that helps with easy evacuation and cleansing whilst promoting healing from such complaints as acute inflammation?

Use CLEAN Confidence GO BALM to aid with healing on a daily basis. Take a unit from its packaging, put a drop or two of lubricant on the nozzle. Position yourself with your rear-end raised. Gently insert the nozzle into the anus and then go a bit further. Then squeeze all the liquid contents. Be sure to stay close the toilet and wait for the bowel movement to occur within 5-15 minutes. When you will feel the urgent need to evacuate your bowels do so to completion. Hence you are left feeling CLEAN and CONFIDENT whilst aiding HEALING, so you are ready to pursue the next opportunity of whatever brings you joy, be it intimacy or other worldly activities.


“Is it clean?” Is the foremost concern on the mind for many not only before intimacy but during and after. Wanting to be clean and on the path of healing to be able to perform again in the future, can be just as important as avoiding ’Accidents’ that hinder play and cause disproportionate embarrassment. You do not want future play interrupted with issues of inflammation due to healing that needs to take place. interrupting play and sometimes they kill the mood all together. Our suppository with ingredients known healing properties allows for a full cleansing whilst aiding healing. So, once you are done, you are confident that you are clean and ready for intimacy in the future.

GO. FOR RELIEF – RELIEF from Bowel Irregularity, Constipation & Bloating

CLEAN Confidence GO BALM promotes overall intestinal health. Due to our brand focus on wholistic well-being, this product with its organic homeopathic ingredient formula provides great relief for common intestinal problems such as Bowel Irregularity, Constipation and Bloating where issues such as inflammation of the lower bowels is also a factor.

Imagine yourself in ultimate comfort, never to endure that constant upset tummy feeling again. Imagine yourself being free of intestinal terrors so you are finally able to fully enjoy your life.


The Eucalyptus extract help to restore intestinal functions with their antiseptic and anthelminthic properties, supporting overall intestinal health and well-being. Other known general benefits of Eucalyptus include: Removes Unpleasant Odours, Relaxes Muscles, and Promotes a healthy immune system.


Honeybee Propolis Helps stimulate the reparative processes of the lower bowels from inflammation and wounds/fissures. Other known general health benefits of propolis include: Kills Bacteria, Helps Treat Allergies, Boosts Prostate and Colon health.


Ancient Greeks and Romans considered elecampane as a cure-all for a broad range of ailments. It is a herb known to heal and protect sin, promotes digestive health, eliminates intestinal worms, improves metabolism and boosts immune system.