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5 Top Reasons Why Bowel Cleanliness and Hygiene Is the Concern of Tops

This particular post was inspired by two incidents that really bothered me. They made me realised that what I had to say on this matter should be said.

Incident 1

I went to dinner with a friend I had known for more than 15 years and his partner. In the course of the evening the conversation made its way to my brand ConfidentU and the work we do here. My friend’s partner was the sexually receptive one in their relationship. I engaged enthusiastically, discussing the different solutions we had on offer when it came to bowel cleanliness and hygiene.

At a certain point my friend got up, saying he was off to the toilet because this subject of bowel cleanliness and hygiene was of no concern to him. After the evening, the next time I spoke to him he revealed to me that he was actually offended that we had this frank conversation about bowel cleanliness in his presence, as he was the top and sexually penetrative one in his relationship.

Incident 2

I was on the hunt for gay Instagram influencers, whom I felt could be good ambassadors of our brand. I found a particular individual whose Instagram feed seemed to be very aligned to our brand, so I contacted him and was thrilled by his quick response and enthusiastic engagement. I mentioned that as a gay man, I felt that I had a very open and creative perspective on our sexuality, I wondered if as brand ambassador we could find creative ways to integrate our CLEAN Confidence range into his visual narratives.

His response to this was that he was top, so products such as CLEAN Confidence and its focus on bowel cleanliness and hygiene was not of concern to him. Even though he loved our brand concept, he did not think being the brand ambassador was right for me.

Reality Check

These two incidents happening without much of a time distance between them got me thinking, I needed an open conversation with tops, who felt that because they are not the sexually receptive one, they do not need to concern themselves directly about bowel cleanliness and hygiene. I intend to rid these people of that notion today. For those willing to listen, I am laying it straight down the line, by explaining exactly why tops need to concern themselves with bowel cleanliness and hygiene:

  1. All the Effort is for you, show some appreciation and some interest: Tops with a superior attitude and no interest in bowel cleansing actually need an attitude adjustment. Anal Sex comes with hazards and it takes two men to do the tango. If you are a sexually penetrative individual who enjoys the pleasures of anal sex, you have to accept the challenges that it comes with and be fully engaged in finding solutions for it. No ifs, or buts, it is your concern. Get interested.
  2. Lack of bowel cleanliness eats into your fun time: If your sexually receptive partner has issues with achieving a high level of bowel cleanliness and hygiene, this will lead to time-wasting interruptions during sexual activity, which directly interrupts your enjoyment of your sexually penetrative role. It is thus in your best interest that there is a high level of bowel cleanliness and hygiene achieved, to maximise your enjoyment time. So, it is in your best interest in being fully knowledgeable about the most effective bowel cleanliness and hygiene products and processes available.
  3. Lack of bowel cleanliness can dampen or even kill your fun time altogether: Whenever there are any accidents, that invariably may come with anal intercourse, it can trigger anything from a sense of embarrassment to high mortification within the bottom. These negative feelings can very quickly dampen the sexual mood, or bring all proceedings to a grinding halt as worst. Once again as a top, it is thus in your best interests that any chance of ‘accidents’ are averted, to guarantee the continuation of your enjoyment during your sexually penetrative role. So, having first-hand knowledge about bowel cleanliness & hygiene and being the primary purchaser of such products so they are at hand is in your best interest.
  4. Don’t let constipation & bloating cramp your style during play: In order to perform at your sexual peak, you need to be fully energised. Constipation and bloating have the impact of making you sluggish with a lack of energy. To combat this, you need to start taking bowel regularity and cleansing products, such as CLEAN Confidence, to ensure you are physically energised to perform in sex like you would like to.
  5. Get energised, get fit, get big, get that attention: Within certain circles, there are certain expectations that come with the hunt for sexual partners we can’t get away from, physical aesthetics count for a lot. Bottoms like the sexually penetrative to have maximum physical presence, so tops hit the gym to build muscle and look fit. When hitting the gym hard and trying to hit your goals, a more conducive body situation is one without constipation and bloating. Taking a bowel regularity and cleansing product like CLEAN Confidence will certainly help with this.

Pass this onto any top who you feel needs to read this. Let us know of any other reasons why you think tops need to be concerned with bowel cleanliness and hygiene.


5 Top Reasons Why Bowel Cleanliness and Hygiene Is the Concern of Tops

It’s the season of giving, so let’s make better bottoms and give more. Let’s make better tops and give more.

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