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Magic and the Four Buckets

When it comes to assessing individuals and their worthiness in your life, always try to achieve a level of complete intimacy. To help you I have developed a very simple but effective tool:


  • Know your own magic & worth
  • Make a fair assessment, then put the individual in question into one of the following buckets:

Bucket 1

Those who do not see your magic, do not see your magic. There were never meant to anyway and show no interest.

Bucket 2

Those who do not see your magic, but pretend that they do to get what they want.

Bucket 3

Those who see your magic, but are incapable of articulating appreciation of your magic.

Bucket 4

Those who see your magic, have the ability to appreciate your magic and articulates their appreciation of your magic.

There is only one bucket of intimate candidates worth your time, Bucket 4. If they belong in any other bucket, it is simple. Let them go.

Try this strategy out for January and let us know how things go.

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