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Due to the fact that all our products have a foundation of organic ingredients, over time, customers find that the prolonged use of one particular product eventually results in the loss of effectiveness as their body gets accustomed to that particular formulation. The simple solution to that is Rotation.

Keep Them Guessing – Crop Rotation – Product Rotation

Bowel Regularity Support High Impact Variety Pack
Bowel Regularity Support High Impact Variety Pack

It is recommended to have three products with which you are able to rotate every 2-3 months. CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Bowel Regularity Support, CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Advanced Oxygen Cleanse (AOC) and CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC  allow our loyal customers to have a bowel regularity and cleansing regime that is continuously effective to meet their needs and requirements.

  • CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Bowel Regularity Support is our flagship product made of of high-fibre formula in capsule form that ensures that ensures your daily bowel evacuations are whole and complete – so cleaning is is always and ever easy
  • CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC is our Bowel Regularity Formula that not only cleanses but promotes and fortifies the good bacteria in your gut helping to boost both your intestinal and immune health
  • CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Advanced Oxygen Cleanse is the latest addition to our bowel regularity range with a specific focus on a high detox and cleanse of the colon and lower bowels, promoting overall good health and strength

The effectiveness of variety is further enhanced by the fact that these products also come in different forms. CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL and ORIGINAL AOC are in capsule form, whilst GO PROBIOTIC is in powder form perfect for a shake. One set of products have their primary high-fibre ingredient as Sugar Beet, whilst the other is Psyllium Husk. All this variety in composition and form keeps your system on its toes, forever trying to figure out what you going to hit them with next – so things are kept clean, fresh and vibrant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These products must always be used on their own and NEVER  in combination during any time period.

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