CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Advanced Oxygen Cleanse – 100 Capsules – 50-Day Supply

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CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Advanced Oxygen Cleanse (AOC) is the latest solution added to our Bowel Regularity Support range that is augmented with a full colon Oxygen Cleanse and Detox. It is the daily high-fibre supplement that promotes a healthy gut and ensures that bowel evacuations are regular, whole and complete with minimal effort. It is a simple yet highly effective solution with three core ingredients of Sugar Beet Fibre, Magnesium and Vitamin C. 

What is an Oxygen Cleanse?

An Oxygen Cleanse has the primary purpose to release oxygen in the colon to dissolve accumulated waste buildup in this particular part of the intestinal system. The released oxygen works very effectively to detoxify and loosen trapped toxins, undigested food particles and waste buildup. The body then can flush them out naturally through normal bowel movement.

This action specifically supports efficient colon function whilst providing a Whole-Body Cleanse and Detox with the removal of toxins from the digestive system.

How Does It Work?

CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Advanced Oxygen Cleanse (AOC) offers a solution of Bowel Regularity Support, Full Digestive Cleanse, Body Detoxification  that promotes a healthy probiotic environment that supports overall health and well-being.

Our Sugar Beet High Fibre Ingredient is the core high-fibre transit agent promoting dependable bowel regularity, They are known as bulking fibres which once ingested, draw water into the colon in a natural process that promotes easy, healthy elimination, sweeping waste out of the colon more effectively and efficiently. 

Magnesium, activated with Vitamin C acts as the vehicle to transport oxygen through the intestinal tract into the lower bowels where a stable environment is created for the release of oxygen in a controlled way to clear out and detoxify the colon and help eliminate toxins. All of this is then passed out of the body with the effect of the bowel regularity support high fibre ingredient.

What is the Difference Between CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL AOC, and GO PROBIOTIC 

Due to the fact that all our products have a foundation of organic ingredients, over time, customers find that the prolonged use of one particular product eventually results in the loss of effectiveness as their body gets accustomed to that particular formulation. The simple solution to that is Rotation.

Keep Them Guessing – Crop Rotation – Product Rotation

It is recommended to have three products with which you are able to rotate every 2-3 months. CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Bowel Regularity Support, CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Advanced Oxygen Cleanse (AOC) and CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC  allow our loyal customers to have a bowel regularity and cleansing regime that is continuously effective to meet their needs and requirements.

The effectiveness of variety is further enhanced by the fact that these products also come in different forms. CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL and ORIGINAL AOC are in capsule form, whilst GO PROBIOTIC is in powder form perfect for a shake. So it keeps your system on its toes, forever trying to figure out what you going to hit them with next – so things are kept clean, fresh and vibrant.

Bigger & Better

CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Advanced Oxygen Cleanse has the added benefit of being a much bigger product with 50 Servings (100 Capsules) as opposed to our regular 1-month Supply solutions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These products should not be used in combination at any time.

GO.RECYCLE PLEASE: We encourage all our customers to please use whatever recycling facilities are available in their area for our empty recyclable pots and packaging.