CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC Bowel Regularity Support – 180gm – One Month Supply

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CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC is the daily High-Fibre food supplement that promotes bowel regularity, cleanliness and personal hygiene. It also promotes overall digestive health and well-being with a focus on promoting the good bacteria in your gut. CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC is a blend with Psyllium Husk, Inulin (FOS), Stevia Leaf, Herbs, Glucommanan, L-Glutamine, Prebiotics and Live Bacterial Cultures.

CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC comes in a discreet minimalist white pot just 10cm x 13cm. It is perfect for discreet storage and traveling.

GO. With A Healthy Gut – Our Key Ingredients

So the health advice out there states that douching too regularly and too intensely poses the danger of stripping away the healthy lining of the rectal system, doing away with the good bacteria necessary for good intestinal health. As one friend of the brand cheekily puts it, ‘There is No Gain In Losing Your Membrane!”. However those who engage in anal intercourse have made it unequivocally clear: “But we MUST Douche Deep and we MUST do it well!”.

We have heard you and come up with a solution which hopefully balances the requirements for both bowel cleanliness and intestinal health: We introduce you to CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC a high fibre powder which is drank in shake form. It not only has all of the benefits of our CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL in terms of ensuring your bowel evacuations are regular, whole and complete thus requiring you to douche less frequently and less intensely in order to achieve bowel cleanliness, we have also it infused with a blend of the good high-performing bacteria which help to to maintain the health membrane throughout your intestinal system, promoting gut health and boosting your immune system.

All Natural Psyllium Husk, Fennel Seed and Peppermint Support Dependable Bowel Regularity.

Sugar Beet Contributes to increased faecal bulk. Contributes to normal bowel function.

Bacteria blend: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum Contribute to healthy gut and immune system.

What is the Difference Between CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL AOC, and GO PROBIOTIC 

Due to the fact that all our products have a foundation of organic ingredients, over time, customers find that the prolonged use of one particular product eventually results in the loss of effectiveness as their body gets accustomed to that particular formulation. The simple solution to that is Rotation.

Keep Them Guessing – Crop Rotation – Product Rotation

It is recommended to have three products with which you are able to rotate every 2-3 months. CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Bowel Regularity Support, CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL Advanced Oxygen Cleanse (AOC) and CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC  allow our loyal customers to have a bowel regularity and cleansing regime that is continuously effective to meet their needs and requirements.

The effectiveness of variety is further enhanced by the fact that these products also come in different forms. CLEAN Confidence ORIGINAL and ORIGINAL AOC are in capsule form, whilst GO PROBIOTIC is in powder form perfect for a shake. So it keeps your system on its toes, forever trying to figure out what you going to hit them with next – so things are kept clean, fresh and vibrant.

RECYCLING: We encourage all our customers to please use whatever recycling facilities are available in their area for our empty recyclable pots and packaging.