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It's CLEAN in Cruising Clubs

Here at ConfidentU’ our very DNA says we believe each individual has the right to manifest their sexuality and sexual needs in the way that best suits them, in the environment that is most conducive for them to reach their full potential. We believe that they should have access to sexual well-being accessories at hand, allowing them to explore in confidence on the spot, enjoy and thrive.

It is for this reason that we are making ConfidentU products available in sex cruising venues. Part of our CLEAN Confidence range can already be found at Bloc South in Vauxhall, London, UK and we are in discussions with other cruising venues across Europe.

In terms of the products that are available in these spaces, we have made recommendations as to how customers can be simply and quickly informed about the use of these products in these spaces:

CLEAN Confidence GO NOW – A purchase to use at the venue to evacuate their bowels completely within 5-15 minutes.

CLEAN Confidence GO AFTER – A purchase to flush out their bowels periodically during sexual activity at the venue or just before they leave.

CLEAN Confidence GO BALM – A purchase to take home at the end of an evening of heavy sexual activity to aid with healing during the upcoming week so they are ready for the next event at the venue.

CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support – A purchase to take home to use as an on-going solution to bowel cleansing.

CLEAN Confidence Enema Bulb – A purchase to use at the venue to douche in the toilets using water. Hardware they can take home to reuse.

CLEAN Confidence GO Range - What To Use WhenSo if you find CLEAN Confidence products at a sex cruising venue close to you, you now have a clear idea as to what you can do with the selection that is available to help you have a good time.


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