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A Valentine Other Truth - Always On Your Side I

We find ourselves at Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love. In the stead of cut out clichés, we at ConfidentU decided speak Truth to Power, to speak truth to find power. The truth is that true love is not a bed of roses. It is hard, it is arduous, most of the time we do not know what we are doing and more often than we would like it ends in ways we do not appreciate.

The lyrics of Sheryl Crow’s Always On Your Side speaks to the true melancholy truth of what love truly is. We cannot help it, we cannot break our hard-wiring or the gravitational force to the intoxicating promise of Love Eternal, Love Bliss.

But Love comes without a guide. It is a hardship unkind, it is a struggle brutal in a battle dark premonitions to find that soft space in sustained sunshine that may never come.

Lyrics Remastered To Purpose:

But is there someplace far away, someplace where all is clear
Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear

Or are we left to wonder, all alone, eternally

Now, is this how it’s really meant to be?
No, this isn’t how it’s really meant to be!

So they say that love is in the air, but never is it clear,
How to pull it close and make it stay

If Butterflies are free to fly, and so they fly away

Leavin’ me to carry on and wonder why
Was it you that kept me wondering through this life

But Even through it all, I’m always on your side

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Yet we even in this struggle for slipping light, maybe specifically for this, there is a strange cosmic truth of a dark salvation of sorts, fulfilment of love’s full potential in dark velvet comfort rests simply in one’s unbroken steady stream of authenticity of always being committed to see your beloved express themselves and thrive, be it at your side or no. Of being on the side of your beloved. All may be broken but all is beloved.

Image: Aaron Jay Young, Francesco Ferla



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