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Become a ConfidentU Brand Ambassador

Here at ConfidentU, we are the essence of Holistic Sexual Well-being. We are committed in ensuring that our products are infused with homeopathic and organic ingredients  that help our customers express and thrive in their sexuality. Even more important, we believe that sexual well-being is a right and should be accessible to all. We actively want to be the trusted go-to brand for this.

Thus we endeavour to always bring to market for high quality inclusive practical sexual accessories at fair and affordable prices found where and when you need them. Our ultimate goal is for our products to be viewed as commodities necessary for balanced day-to-day living, falling into the same category as such Bread, Milk, Eggs and your Five-A-Day.

We are looking for brand ambassadors to help us spread the word about us, what we do and our ideas around sex-positive life-style influences to all social and sexual demographics, Straight, LGBTQI and beyond. We are looking to engage with social media influencers whose life-ethos, visual aesthetic and spirit of inclusivity is enthusiastically aligned with our own.

As a brand committed to openness and fairness, we have based our programme compensation on current trends of Brand Engagement with Social Media Influencers.

If you are a social influencer and feel that this is something that is for you, please contact us and let us start the discussion as to whether we can work together.

Image: Guille Salinas, ConfidentU

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