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Now if you check out our about us page, one of the things we make clear is that the products we develop are our authentic attempts to find holistic solutions to real problems individuals face, in their efforts to manifest the kind of sex that allows them to truly thrive. Our products are often the result of candid conversations about the challenges of intimacy in an open, safe and non-judgemental space.

The story of how CLEAN Confidence GO AFTER came to life is a clear example of this. The following narrative is how this particular product was created:

Now as a top, who has shared his bed and pillow with many a self-expressive bottom, I am very much aware that a fantasy common-place among those with genuinely sexually receptive spirits, is to take loads from multiple tops in a single session. There may be variations to the storyline and the number of participants from one bottom to another, but the central idea of being the focal penetrative point in a gang-bang is always consistent.

At the height of the HIV and AIDS crisis, for most this fantasy remained squarely fantasy. However, with the advent of the post AIDS era with Poz-Undetectable status and effective prevention solutions like PREP, the window of opportunity into reality was slightly ajar for those brave enough to step through.

One of my fuckbuddies, Michael had done so. He had first-hand experience of fantasy turned truth, on several occasions. In doing so, he also experienced the full realities of the aftermath of turning this fantasy into a truth, with certain gems in what he had to say on this subject creating the foundations CLEAN Confidence GO AFTER:

“The idea of taking loads from multiple tops is so hot, the reality of actually doing it is super-hot! That is why I will do it again in a heartbeat. Apart from everything else, the feeling of taking in fresh hot cum deep in my hole is incredible. To have another follow another, then another, then another is absolutely mind-blowing.


When you are done though there are some realities which set in, that you didn’t think about when it was just a fantasy. Have you ever had stale cum up your hole? After a while it stinks something awful!

What would be great is if you could come up with a product that is a flush. It should cleanse the rectum completely of the accumulated cum. It should assist with any evacuation that needs to take place and should help with healing. Because honestly after taking so many cocks of different sizes with fellas fucking at different rhythms, some of them pretty hard, my hole can feel a bit beaten up. Something to help with healing would be fantastic.”

All this was said to me by Michael and I was completely fascinated and as he spoke, I quickly jumped off the bed, went to find my phone from the jeans in the corner.  I was being rude in using the phone during sex, but this was an emergency. I opened notes and started to capture what he had said. Our own sex session was momentarily put on pause to capture the essence of a new product: CLEAN Confidence GO AFTER.

Some 9-11 months later and there was an actual product within the ConfidentU range, we have Michael to thank for that.


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