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I was walking home with my friend Gillian, with him sharing the latest on his not so recently ended relationship. H told me they were in this strange phase where Matthew would reach out to him and he would ignore him, only to be followed by him reaching out to Matthew who would them retaliate with similar silence. With this back and forth they were getting nowhere to resolve their issues. This moved me viscerally and I provided the following thoughts on the sacred commitment to communication:

We live in times where silence is used as tool to express no interest in the casual dating scene. Be wary of allowing this insidious erosion of humanity and  human interaction to seep or transfer into your intimate relationships.

Respect & Communicate. Whatever You Do Communicate. Never use silence as a weapon. There is nothing you could ever say that is irreparable compared to not speaking and sharing your feeling, however chaotic verbal vomit it may be. Vomit out your incoherence somehow you will find a way to be heard.

Comment: You’ve got to stop the ship you godless son of a bitch

Translation: Stop hurting me. I love you.



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