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Here at ConfidentU, we are always quick to point out that that all of our products have been created because of a real need to solve a real problem. CLEAN Confidence COMFORT, the latest product to join our Bowel Regularity Support range was created with a variety of problems in mind, as you will outline below:

When we launched CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support (The Original) in August of 2017 on Amazon, our primary focus was to reach gay men, who were looking for bowel cleansing products to use for sexual purposes. Even though our underlying brand ethos was one of inclusive holistic well-being.

Slowly but surely our sales gained momentum. As the founder, with every sale that would come through I took the time to check the customer details, to get an idea as to who was actually buying our products.

About eight months into running the business I went to a dinner party at a friend’s home, where another friend joined. They asked how things was going, so I explained that sales were going very well, but there was something rather curious was happening because about 40% of our customers were women. Even though it was not expressly stated, we were primarily trying to reach gay men who wanted cleanliness for anal sex. We discussed how it was strange that there were so many women buying the same product.

My friends, who are both critical thinkers asked if I actually knew why these women were buying our product, I has to admit that I did not. I had wondered if they were buying it for the same reason as gay men, which would be an interesting factor, but I did not know for certain. The both chimed in unison that I needed to find out WHY these women were buying my product and not guess, I knew that they were right.

I left the dinner party with a new sense of purpose, with plans to do a survey of our customers to find out exactly why they were buying our product. It was to be a simple, short and concise questionnaire of just three questions: their age, gender and their reason for purchase.

Once the results were in and the data had been analysed, what was revealed was actually very enlightening. We started off with an initial plan to reach just one particular target audience, but what we actually had on the ground were three distinct core customer groups using our one product for three very differing reasons:

Gay Males Age 20-55: Bowel Cleanliness & Hygiene 

Females Age 18-45: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) & Period Bloating 

Males & Females Age 55+: Bowel Irregularity & Constipation

This information was extremely valuable insight for me, as it meant that we could now create new product extensions which would better cater to the specific articulated needs of our existing customers.

We decided that the first product extension we would tackle was to come up with a more effective targeted solution for our customers looking for an IBS and Period Bloating solution. As a brand, one of our core values was to be inclusive, so we were happy that women were coming and finding us without struggling to find out products. However, armed with the information of our short survey, we had the opportunity to better meet the needs of these customers who had put their faith in us.

So, after much effort, we have come up with CLEAN Confidence Bowel Regularity Support COMFORT with core ingredients of Psyllium Husk, Turmeric, Zinc, Konjac Root and Fennel. Its purpose is to be a solution that brings all the benefits of our original product, however it acts as a better solution for Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Period Bloating.

We are eager for our customers to try it and to let us know how they get on with it, in our commitment to their well-being.



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