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Very few people outside of the inner circle of our organisation know this, but from our launch in August 2017 to April 2020, our social media presence was barely there. In 2018 we had the flurry of a few posts towards the end of the year and we were virtually quiet the whole of 2019 and into 2020.

Why? Because as the founder of an organisation that had its foundations in the principles of true diversity and inclusiveness, I could not see the path forward to promote our brand on social media without going down the route of the majority of our counterparts who happily took advantage of the norms that were being set in social media around exclusivity of White Gay Men of a particular aesthetic and demographic.

This bothered me intensely as not the path for ConfidentU. And so I made the executive decision to go the way of my Buddhist leanings, to let things be, meditate and to let the answer come to me in its own time.

In time, indeed the answers came with the help of my friend and advocate William. The result was the documentation of our mission and vision for ConfidentU garnered from a workshop in August 2019.

CU Social Medial Universal Mission – Start of Document

Confidentu’s Universal Mission and Monumental Impact through the Social Media Universe is to freely and unconditionally transmit 3-Dimensional Blessings that make you Thrive and that you can freely and unconditionally share and pass on.

Give Tips

Our purpose is not adversarial to the Aspirational Status Quo of the current Social Media Universe. Our purpose is not to question or take away the validity of the Reality projected by the Status Quo of Social Media. Our purpose is to Be a Beam of light TO and ON an Addition of an Alternate Reality.  

What One Resist Persists: We will not use the Status Quo Social Media Aspirational Reality as our reference point or standard in creating ethnically diverse versions of the status quo that will come off as copy-cat and pale in comparison. We are not to get caught up in their dynamic.

The Holy Trinity: We intend to project an Alternate Aspirational Reality of 3-Dimensional Blessings through a tight, laser-focused, unique idiosyncratic narratives based on the concept of THE POWER OF THREE where we will always bring together three unique elements working in unison to project a Singular Message:



In order for One to Thrive, One must SEE One’s Truth, EMBRACE One’s Truth, FEEL One’s Truth THEN BE ones Truth. 

This is to BE the ATTAINABLE ASPIRATIONAL REALITY of BEING & EXUDING Sexual Confidence, Inner Confidence, Body Confidence, and Confidence in One’s Sexual Capacity & Ability.

FLUX: In order to execute this strategy effectively, we must make what is ORGANISED TO SEEM IMPROVISED.

A Way of Living: Together we build a structure for a way of living Harmoniously, Passionately, Lovingly, Unconditionally. 

Document Openness to Manifestation of Great Success on Social Media Incorporate Strategic Awareness – 

  • The Story – Hero – Villain – Externalise Villain as Status Quo – Embrace Solutions  
  • Not a Zero Sum Game where one has to lose for another to gain
  • Not Take Away But Add to Beauty
  • Give Tips 

Strategy Implementation Action List 

 Social Media Influencers looking to Collaborate

  • Free Products for Posts
  • Join Affiliate Programme
  • Provide Customised 20% Coupon Code

Request Repost of 9 Images for £100

Request Repost of 3 images for Free Product 

Commission Illustrators to create Instructional Images

Commission Animator to create Instructional Animations

Engage Model to Create Instructional Videos  

There are seven key human needs that most resonate with audiences and entrepreneurs:

  1. Consistency/safety – Without it, you feel anxious.
  2. Variability/fun – Without it, you are bored.
  3. Status/significance – Without it, you feel undervalued.
  4. Love/connection – Without it, you are lonely. 
  5. Self-expression – Without it, you can’t express the meaning to life. 
  6. Growth/knowledge – Without it, you feel stuck. 
  7. Contribution – Without it, you don’t have the satisfaction of helping someone. 
  8. Tips – Use Social Media to give tips

CU Social Medial Universal Mission – End of Document

Once this document was completed, I stayed patient and eventually in the early months of 2020, the tools to implementation of this mission and vision became clear.

Before the tectonic shifts we have seen post Covid-19 and George Floyd, I had no intention of ever sharing this document. However in light of the new world that we live in, where I have made the decision that as an organisation we are to become visibly more vocal for change in the LGBTQ community as opposed to just working very hard towards change in the background.

The time has come for change, big changes. The time has come to choose sides as to whether you are on the side for justice and equality for all – or you are on the other side.

We chose our side from the beginning. Now we are making sure no one mistakes which side we are on.

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