Internal Well-Being Cleanse & Care I- IMMUNO PROBIOTIC, HOLESOOTHE

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Fortify and Healing Set

If you ever find yourself giving your body an Internal Well-being Rest and Rejuvenating Spa Day, consider adding this pair to your self cure regimen:

  • Take a CLEAN Confidence IMMUNO PROBIOTIC capsule to comprehensively rejuvenate the good bacteria in your gut to boost your digestive function and promote the good bacteria in your gut which are essential to an optimised immune system.
  • If suffering from any inflammation or abrasion in your tail-end, apply liberal amounts of our CLEAN Confidence HOLESOOTHE to ensure your healing offensive is a complete one, from one end to the other.

CLEAN Confidence IMUNO PROBIOTICS – 1 Pot – 30 Capsules

CLEAN Confidence IMMUNO PROBIOTIC is the daily supplement that has been specifically formulated for the Post AIDS-PREP era, for those actively engaging in anal sex without condoms. 1. Our formula looks to boost the body’s immunity so as to better support management of infections. 2. Our formula looks to boost the body’s response to inflammation that may result from heavy rectal activity. 3. Our formula supports the maintenance of a healthy mucous membrane throughout the intestinal tract and specifically in the lower rectal area which may be subject to frequent and intense douching that may strip away the healthy lining.

CLEAN Confidence HOLESOOTHE – 1 Pot – 50ml Ointment

This product is specifically formulated with homeopathic and herbal ingredients to aid in relief of anal inflammation that may result from Anal Sexual Intercourse and support the healing process. For any questions or concerns, before using this product please contact us directly via the details provided or refer to our website for content that familiarises you with our reasoning and objectives behind this range.

This is a Herbal Based Remedy. It Is Not Medicine. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.