CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Gastrointestinal Odour Neutralising Support – 60 Capsules – One Month Supply

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A Common Affliction

Bad breath more often than not, is the result of poor oral hygiene. What is not commonly known is that individuals practicing good and consistent oral care in the form of daily flossing and thorough tooth brushing can also suffer from chronic bad breath as a result of complex unstable gas compounds rising up from the upper gastrointestinal tract.

Impact on Quality of Life & Intimacy

A person’s awareness of suffering from bad breath has psychological consequences, with visible behavioural manifestations, such as covering the mouth while speaking, keeping greater personal distance than normal or even avoiding social interactions altogether.

Our Solution

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Gastrointestinal Odour Neutralising Support is the daily High-Fibre food supplement that promotes bowel health, cleanliness and personal hygiene. It also promotes overall digestive health and well-being with a focus on odour neutralisation. Our unique formula of all natural ingredients promotes a healthy digestive system with a focus on neutralising odour.

Combined with good oral hygiene, there are No more self-conscious embarrassing moments of unleashing foul breath in enclosed spaces or intimate moments, be it in bed, cars or elevators! It has the added bonus of neutralising bad breath – so there is benefit on both ends!

It is part of the CLEAN Confidence Fresh Breath Range of products from ConfidentU, a brand of practical accessories for holistic and intimacy well-being. We focus on product solutions with natural and homeopathic ingredients that help our customers explore and thrive in their overall well-being, lifestyle and intimacy.

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Capsules comes in a discreet minimalist black pot just 10.7cm x 5cm. It is perfect for discreet storage and traveling.

Our Key Ingredients

Our product brings together specific ingredients that not only aid in neutralising the source of bad breath rising from the gut, it has the extended benefits of being good for your intestinal health, whilst minimising flatulence foul odour as well.

100% All Natural Ingredients of Peppermint, Cinnamon and Wheatgrass Helps to support the digestive tract function and helps to eliminate digestive discomfort and odour.

Chlorella Helps to maintain colonic function.

Spirulina Helps to neutralise odour.

Full Ingredients List: Peppermint, Cinnamon, Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass.

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