Healing In & Out Intensive Care Set – GO BALM and HOLESOOTHE

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Sometimes when one is dealing with intense inflammation and abrasion both internally in the anal cavity as well the outer area, a two-pronged approach to healing effort is required:

  • Use a GO BALM micro enema each day for four consecutive days to aid a smooth and painless bowel evacuation. The ingredients’ healing benefits on the lining of the anal cavity will help to speed up and assist the body with the natural healing process.
  • Once fully evacuated and the area is thoroughly clean and dry, use CLEAN Confidence HOLESOOTHE liberally in and around the anal cavity opening for any inflammation and abrasion that is in need of deep healing assistance.

CLEAN Confidence GO BALM – 1 Pack – 4 Micro Enemas

CLEAN Confidence GO BALM promotes overall intestinal health. Due to our brand focus on wholistic well-being, this product with its organic homeopathic ingredient formula provides great relief for common intestinal problems such as Bowel Irregularity, Constipation, Bloating and inflammation of the lower bowels.

CLEAN Confidence HOLESOOTHE – 1 Pot – 50ml Ointment

This product is specifically formulated with homeopathic and herbal ingredients to aid in relief of anal inflammation that may result from Anal Sexual Intercourse and support the healing process. For any questions or concerns, before using this product please contact us directly via the details provided or refer to our website for content that familiarises you with our reasoning and objectives behind this range.

This is a Herbal Based Remedy. It Is Not Medicine. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.