Freshness In Body Kit – MINT Bowel Odour Capsules, FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray

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Keeping Things Fresh Both Ends!

Not much of an introduction is required as to why these two products work well together, their pairing speaks for itself:

  • Use CLEAN Confidence MINT Bowel Odour Neutralising Support to help maintain healthy digestive function whilst neutralising bowel flatulence odour
  • When on the go, have our Mouth Spray on hand at anytime to guarantee great smelling breath before or after meeting.

CLEAN Confidence MINT – 1 Pot

CLEAN Confidence MINT is the daily High-Fibre food supplement that promotes bowel health, cleanliness and personal hygiene. Our unique formula of all natural ingredients promotes a healthy digestive system with a focus on neutralising odour. No more dealing with embarrassing moments of bad flatulence smells in enclosed spaces, be it in bed, cars or elevators!

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray – 4 Bottles

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray contains Antibacterial Odour Neutralising Support in a refreshing Eucalyptus Flavour. It is the perfect product to have at hand anytime you want to make the right impression of good oral personal hygiene. It consists of a set of four 15ml bottles.

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray is formulated to quickly freshen breath whilst promoting oral  hygiene with potent antibacterial action that supports the elimination of odour causing bacteria in the mouth.