Breath Refresher & Recovery Set – Nasal and Mouth Sprays

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Sometimes when on-the-go, we may find ourselves with our sinuses blocked up and our breath smelling not so fresh. Be sure to have these two easy-to-carry items handy for super-effective help leaving you with a fresh and clear feeling.

  • RECOVER Confidence Nasal Spray helps clear your sinuses, soothe inflammation to help you breathe easy once again.
  • When on the go, have our Mouth Spray on hand at anytime to guarantee great smelling breath before or after meeting. Far more potent that others because it does not simply mask bad odour, it actually targets and eliminates the causes of causes bad breath.

RECOVER Confidence Nasal Spray – 1 Bottle – 70ml

RECOVER Confidence NASAL SPRAY with Sea Salt & Eucalyptus is the ideal product for all your Nasal Cavity Hygiene and well-being support needs.

RECOVER Confidence Nasal Spray is a herbal based remedy formulated to quickly clear and refreshen the nasal cavity, and help remove blockages affecting clear nasal breathing. It also helps with daily nasal hygiene and health. It can be a supplementary agent in the treatment of nasal cavity infections.

CLEAN Confidence Mouth Spray – 4 Bottles – 15ml

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray Antibacterial Odour Neutralising Support with Eucalyptus Flavour is the perfect product to have at hand anytime you want to make the right impression. It consists of a set of four 15ml bottles.

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray is formulated to quickly freshen breath whilst promoting oral  hygiene. It contains potent antibacterial action that supports the elimination of odour causing bacteria in the mouth.