CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH Intimate Hygiene Gel Conditioner For Men – Two 250ml Bottles – One Month Supply

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CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH is part of ConfidentU’s Personal Hygiene & Grooming Range.It is a gentle cleansing and moisturising gel that promotes the good function and health of the male groin area. As an anti-bacterial and anti-odour agent, it has the long-lasting effect of ensuring a man’s natural clean scent that is not overpowered by odour causing bacteria. Our carefully selected ingredients go a step further to support the naturally occurring bacterial flora that regulate and prevent the onset of various infections.

Eucalyptus extract with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities is infused to support wound-healing in sensitive skin regions. Nettle extract is added as an effective cleansing agent that also supports healing through its cell regeneration benefits. It also helps soften and soothe skin, thus reducing itching and irritation of sensitive skin. Citric Acid is added to this gel’s specific formulation to support the natural optimal balance of the acid-base male biochemistry in this highly sensitive intimate zone. You will also find Vitamin E which brings in its well-known advantages to effectively moisturise and combat dry skin.

Suggested Use:

CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH is the easy-to-use wash gel that can be part of your daily personal hygiene routine to help you maintain a long-lasting sense of cleanliness, freshness and comfort in your groin area, through any and all demanding activities and enduring situations that you may encounter. Due to its male-specific cleansing formulation, you can use it all over your body; and if you want, it can replace your standard shower gel entirely. Made with men in mind, CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH is personal grooming that ensures your body and erogenous zone is consistently pleasant and inviting for both proprietor and visitors alike! This is Not a medicine.


For External Use Only. Do not apply onto broken skin. Discontinue use and contact a doctor immediately if any adverse reactions occur. Do not use if allergic to any of the items in the ingredients list.