RECOVER Confidence NASAL SPRAY with Eucalyptus – 70ml Bottle – Monthly Subscription

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RECOVER Confidence NASAL SPRAY Nasal with Sea Salt & Eucalyptus is the ideal product for all your Nasal Cavity Hygiene and well-being support needs.

RECOVER Confidence Nasal Spray is a herbal based remedy formulated to quickly clear and refreshen the nasal cavity, to help remove nasal secretions in the case of difficulty in nasal breathing. It also helps with daily nasal hygiene and health. It can be a supplementary agent in the treatment of nasal cavity infections.

It is a convenient and easy to use ergonomic product to gently rinse out your nasal cavity of mucus and other harmful microorganisms. It’s simple formulation which includes purified sea water supports the restoration of the areas’ natural local immunity. It also with helps the reduction of inflammation and the removal of dust irritants, allergens and other environment pathogens with the overall effect of promoting nasal cavity well-being, and supporting the prevention of the cascade towards respiratory infections.

This is Not a Medicine.  

Suggested Use:

Use 1-3 daily as and when necessary with 1-2 injections directly into each nostril cavity.

Key Ingredients:  

Purified Water, Sea Salt, Eucalyptus Extract, Propolis Extract, Mint Essential Oi.

General Information:

This product is a Herbal Based Remedy. It is not Medicine. Please consult your doctor in the case of any nasal medical concerns before use. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Discontinue use at the sign of any irritation or allergic reaction and consult your doctor. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.