CLEAN Confidence Enema Shower Wand with Silicone

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CLEAN Confidence Enema Shower Wand with Silicone is an excellent Personal Cleansing Kit to effectively evacuate one’s bowels as preparation for intercourse and intimacy. It makes bowel cleansing a fun exercise which your partner can engage in with you. It also promotes general health and well-being, offering relief from bloating, constipation and haemorrhoids.

21cm Silicone Nozzle – Smooth Matte Texture Flexible Material for Easy Insertion, Long enough to go beyond outer Rectum for Deeper Clean.

Bowel Cleanliness & Hygiene

CLEAN Confidence Shower Wand with Silicone offers ease and convenience in cleansing one’s bowels. Get a thorough cleansing whilst enjoying different levels of stimulation. The Silicone Nozzle is a Smooth Matte Texture of Flexible Material for Easy Insertion. Simply choose affix onto the end of your shower hose and turn on the tap to a comfortable temperature and pressure. Gently insert the wand into the anus and then go a bit further to enjoy the benefits of a thorough cleansing of your internal private parts. You are left CLEAN and CONFIDENT to pursue whatever brings you joy, be it intimacy or other worldly activities.

GO.FOR INTIMACY: “Is it clean?” Is the foremost concern on the mind for many when it comes to fun. ‘Accidents’ however small, have a way of creating disproportionate embarrassment, interrupting play and sometimes they kill the mood all together. Our shower wand allows for a full cleansing. So, once you are done, you are confident that you are clean and ready for intimacy.

Relief from Bowel Irregularity, Constipation & Bloating

CLEAN Confidence Shower Wand with Silicone promotes overall intestinal health. With our brand focus on wholistic well-being, this product allows you to flush out your system, providing great relief for common intestinal problems such as Bowel Irregularity, Constipation, Bloating and haemorrhoids.

Imagine yourself in ultimate comfort, never to endure that constant upset tummy feeling again. Imagine yourself being free of intestinal terrors so you are finally able to fully enjoy your life.

Versatile All-In-One Ideal Travel Solution

CLEAN Confidence Shower Wand with Silicone is a Versatile All-In-One Ideal Travel Solution. When away from from home, you no longer have to plan for contingencies or worry as to whether the available bathroom fixtures will have the capability to cater to your bowel cleansing needs.
The Smooth, Soft Flexible Nozzle is designed with the Intentional Standard 1/2” Pipe External Thread. It can be affixed onto any Shower Hose, turning it immediately into a Shower Bowel Cleansing System.
Under circumstances where no Shower Hose Fixtures are available, simply use the product with the CLEAN Confidence Bulb Oval-Shape. The 180ml ergonomic Silicone Oval Design Bulb allows maximum liquid capacity whilst catering to Comfortable Grip and Easy Squeeze Capability.