Top’s Ultimate Get Ready Kit – GROIN WASH, UNDERARM NOURISH, Mouth Spray, Odour Neutraliser

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For the fastidiously clean top getting ready for a great night out (or in), these are the essentials:

  • CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH gives your junk and whole body a deep, thorough, and long lasting clean with no harsh chemicals or overpowering perfumes, allowing your natural scent and pheromones to gently and confidently do their business of seduction.
  • Dust a bit of our UNDERARM NOURISH in your pits and private areas to be doubly sure of a long lasting clean natural scent brought on by an organic based antiperspirant.
  • Before getting to the door, make sure your breath has got the memo. Spray a few squirts of CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray.
  • CLEAN Confidence MINT Bowel Odour Neutraliser – and if you are taking a couple of these regularly, should you let one go accidentally in the course of the night, it would be so innocuous, no one would even bat an eyelid.

CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH – 2 Bottles – 250ml

CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH is part of ConfidentU’s Personal Hygiene & Grooming Range.It is a gentle cleansing and moisturising gel that promotes the good function and health of the male groin area. As an anti-bacterial and anti-odour agent, it has the long-lasting effect of ensuring a man’s natural clean scent is not overpowered by odour causing bacteria. Our carefully selected ingredients go a step further to support the naturally occurring bacterial flora that regulate and prevent the onset of various infections.

GROOM Confidence UNDERARM NOURISH – 1 Pot – 60ml

GROOM Confidence UNDERARM NOURISH is a mineral based refreshing antiperspirant that inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria from sweat whilst controlling the generation of wet patches on clothing.

GROOM Confidence UNDERARM NOURISH is a highly effective antiperspirant that can be used all over the body.

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray – 4 Bottles

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray Antibacterial Odour Neutralising Support with Eucalyptus Flavour is the perfect product to have at hand anytime you want to make the right impression. It consists of a set of four 15ml bottles.

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray is formulated to quickly freshen breath whilst promoting oral hygiene with potent antibacterial action that supports the elimination of odour causing bacteria in the mouth.

CLEAN Confidence MINT – 1 Pot

CLEAN Confidence MINT is the daily High-Fibre food supplement that promotes bowel health, cleanliness and personal hygiene. Our unique formula of all natural ingredients promotes a healthy digestive system with a focus on neutralising odour. No more dealing with embarrassing moments of bad flatulence smells in enclosed spaces, be it in bed, cars or elevators!