Rubber & Leather Gear Get Ready Kit – GROIN WASH, BODY POWDER

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As those into Rubber, Leather or any Fetish scene for that matter, maintaining an aura of Fit & Fresh in Gear is a tall order. Here we offer a two-pronged solution that can make any night on the scene a successful night:

  • Our CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH is the perfect all over Body Wash that gets you skin thoroughly clean and fresh with no perfumes that overpower your natural clean scent – allowing your pheromones to flow freely and waft unimpeded in the direction of those who are a chemical match to you as it has been ordained by the Universe
  • Our INTO RUBBER Antiperspirant Body Powder is the perfect product to use right after your shower and just before you get into your gear. Once again here is a product with dual powers – 1. Firstly Power is the very best thing to help you get into Gear of any kind. Ensure that your body is thoroughly clean and dry. Dust it over yourself, then into your gear then slip in comfortably and easily. 2. Our formula contains ingredients that support the neutralisation of odour causing bacteria and not simply masking bad smells that may come from effusive sweat when in tight-fitting gear in constant activity.

CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH – 2 Bottles – 250ml

CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH is part of ConfidentU’s Personal Hygiene & Grooming Range.It is a gentle cleansing and moisturising gel that promotes the good function and health of the male groin area, and can be used as an all over body wash. As an anti-bacterial and anti-odour agent, it has the long-lasting effect of ensuring a man’s natural clean scent is not overpowered by odour causing bacteria. Our carefully selected ingredients go a step further to support the naturally occurring bacterial flora that regulate and prevent the onset of various infections.

INTO RUBBER – 1 Pot – 60ml

INTO RUBBER is a mineral based refreshing antiperspirant that inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria from sweat whilst controlling the generation of wet patches on clothing.

INTO RUBBER is a highly effective antiperspirant that can be used all over the body.

If those you are out to impress have their nasal passage ways clean and clear (aided by our very effective nasal Sprays), there is no way their powers of perception in Sight, Sound and Smell can miss the optimal you walking and wafting their way.

Complimentary Products

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray – Carry on of these in your pocket to ensure that your breath is fantastic throughout the night.

CLEAN Confidence Enema Shower Wand with Silicone – The perfect additional tool for bottoms during shower time when getting ready for that night out.