Pits and Groin Privates Personal Care Kit – GROIN WASH, UNDERARM NOURISH

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  • CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH gives your junk and whole body a deep, thorough, and long lasting clean with no harsh chemicals or overpowering perfumes, allowing your natural scent and pheromones to gently and confidently do their business of seduction.
  • Dust a bit of our UNDERARM NOURISH in your pits and private areas to be doubly sure of a long lasting clean natural scent brought on by an organic based antiperspirant.

CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH – 2 Bottles – 250ml

CLEAN Confidence GROIN WASH is part of ConfidentU’s Personal Hygiene & Grooming Range.It is a gentle cleansing and moisturising gel that promotes the good function and health of the male groin area, and can be used as an all over body wash. As an anti-bacterial and anti-odour agent, it has the long-lasting effect of ensuring a man’s natural clean scent is not overpowered by odour causing bacteria. Our carefully selected ingredients go a step further to support the naturally occurring bacterial flora that regulate and prevent the onset of various infections.

GROOM Confidence UNDERARM NOURISH – 1 Pot – 60ml

GROOM Confidence UNDERARM NOURISH is a mineral based refreshing antiperspirant that inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria from sweat whilst controlling the generation of wet patches on clothing.

GROOM Confidence UNDERARM NOURISH is a highly effective antiperspirant that can be used all over the body.