Douching Devotee Assist Kit I – GO NOW, IMUNO PROBIOTIC

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Male sexual health professionals often speak to the tendency of men to douche too deeply and too harshly, risking internal bruising. Such practices also strip the lower gut of the naturally occurring good bacteria, leaving you more prone to health conditions in this area. If however, you are not prepared to compromise on your deep cleansing routine, may we suggest the following:

  • Instead of  using a deeply invasive douche wand constantly, why don’t you switch occasionally to our GO NOW micro enema which will achieve the full and complete bowel evacuation you require within 5 to 15 mins in a much less invasive procedure.
  • Chase either of the two suggestions above with our IMUNO PROBIOTIC supplement which focuses on supporting the good bacteria in your overall intestinal system leading to an improved immune system that is better placed to help deal with infections.

CLEAN Confidence GO NOW – 1 Pack – 4 Micro Enemas

CLEAN Confidence GO NOW is an excellent Occasional Bowel Cleansing Solution that offers the ease and convenience to thoroughly and quickly evacuate and cleanse one’s bowels in less than 15 minutes. It can be part of preparation for intimacy. It also promotes general health and well-being, offering relief from bloating, constipation and haemorrhoids.

CLEAN Confidence IMUNO PROBIOTICS – 1 Pot – 30 Capsules

CLEAN Confidence IMMUNO PROBIOTIC is the daily supplement that has been specifically formulated for the Post AIDS-PREP era, for those actively engaging in anal sex without condoms. 1. Our formula looks to boost the body’s immunity so as to better support management of infections. 2. Our formula looks to boost the body’s response to inflammation that may result from heavy rectal activity. 3. Our formula supports the maintenance of a healthy mucous membrane throughout the intestinal tract and specifically in the lower rectal area which may be subject to frequent and intense douching that may strip away the healthy lining.