Detox and Rejuvenate Spa Day – GO TEA, IMMUNO PROBIOTIC

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On a quiet day, when you are not up to much, take the time to care for yourself and give your tummy a little spa day of it’s own to refresh and rejuvenate, ready for what lies ahead:

  • Start the day off with a couple of cups of CLEAN Confidence GO TEA which will induce a comprehensive cleanse and detox of your intestinal system.
  • Once your body has completed its full evacuation and cleanse induced by the tea, take a capsule of our IMMUNO PROBIOTIC to help fortify the good bacteria in your gut and boost your immune system, encouraging the good functioning of your intestinal system.

CLEAN Confidence GO TEA – 1 Packet – 20 Teabags

CLEAN Confidence GO Tea is an organic herbal based remedy for occasional bowel evacuation and colon cleansing. The ingredients of Green Tea, Cassia Seed and Mulberry contribute to healthy intestinal transit and function whilst the Hemp and Lily ingredients soothe and contribute to healthy digestion.

CLEAN Confidence Go Tea comes in a discreet minimalist black zip-lock bag just 12.5cm x 21cm. It is perfect for discreet storage and traveling.

We recommend having it with some pieces of fresh Ginger and Honey.

CLEAN Confidence GO PROBIOTIC – I Pot – 30 Capsules

CLEAN Confidence IMMUNO PROBIOTIC is a daily supplement that has been specifically formulated for the Post AIDS-PREP era, for those actively engaging in anal sex without condoms. 1. Our formula looks to boost the body’s immunity so as to better support management of infections. 2. Our formula looks to boost the body’s response to inflammation that may result from heavy rectal activity. 3. Our formula supports the maintenance of a healthy mucous membrane throughout the intestinal tract and specifically in the lower rectal area which may be subject to frequent and intense douching that may strip away the healthy lining.

CLEAN Confidence IMMUNO PROBIOTIC comes in a discreet minimalist white pot just 8.5cm x 14cm. It is perfect for discreet storage and traveling.